Technology Education usually involves using tools and machines. To be safe, you MUST wear closed-toed shoes. If you forget to wear appropriate footwear I will gladly lend you a pair of old sneakers (donated by the staff). There is no guarantee that they will fit or smell good. If you refuse to wear the shoes you will not be permitted in the workshop and will be given an alternative assignment, a lunch detention, and will need to make up the work during your lunch time.

Safety glasses must be MUST at all times when we are in the workshop, even if you are not working. If you wear regular glasses you will only need to wear safety goggles on certain days. All safety glasses/goggles are provided for you.

Long hair (longer than shoulders) MUST be tied back whenever you are in the workshop. I do not have hair ties but I do have rubberbands.

Loose or baggy clothing MUST be tucked in, tied back, removed, etc.

Please remember that these rules are to keep us safe and must be followed at all times. Failure to respect these rules can result in removal from class.