It’s time to be an architect! Here is your challenge:

The Smith’s have hired you to design a new Master Bathroom Addition on their house! They are asking several architects to come up with a plan that shows how they would best use the available space.

The bathroom must include the following items:

  • Toilet
  • Shower
  • Bathtub
  • Double Sink
  • A minimum of 4 windows
  • A linen closet

The bathroom must be 10’ x 12’ on the outside and have 6” thick walls.


  1. Open Google SketchUp
  2. Draw a rectangle that is 10’ x 12’ (you will need to convert this to inches)
  3. Use the “Offset Tool” to create 6” thick walls.
  4. Pull up your walls to 96”
  5. You may download models (toilets, sinks, towel bars, etc.)
  6. Save your work in your Tech Ed folder as, “bathroom”.
  7. Note- when you have the all the required items and you are sure you have met all the requirements, add color, materials (tile, stone, etc), light switches, etc. Be as detailed as you can.

Good Luck!