This is my 16th year of teaching (all at CV). My wife (also a teacher) and I have three boys who love visiting the workshop. I really like food, I like shopping for it, grilling/baking/frying/broiling it, and of course, eating it. I love building things and figuring out how things work/were built. As a kid I did not play a lot of sports, instead I raced BMX bikes, rode motorcycles, snowmobiles, and a minibike that caught on fire (I will tell you the story during our Transportation unit). I've always had a fascination with things that move. I enjoy music. I play the guitar (sometimes during class), listen to music (most of which you will not find on popular radio stations). As a middle and high school student I was unsure of what I wanted to do for a career but I knew I wanted to work with my hands, did not want to sit in an office or at a computer, and was good at solving problems and working with people. My high school Tech Ed teacher suggested I look into becoming a Tech Ed teacher. The best part of my job is that it isn't what most people consider a "job". It is fun, exciting, ever-changing, and carries with it the privilege and opportunity to educate kids.